Sunday, October 9, 2011


One day at lunch… “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” screamed Nick “ I don’t have my lucky penny” yelled Nick.  “Calm down” I said.  “We can look in the lost and found.” We went to the lost and found and there was a chest; it looked like a treasure chest. Nick dug around in the chest. A few seconds later I couldn’t see him so I jumped in.  I fell down a big hole with toys.  There were hats, yo-yo’s, crayons, books and lots of other things.  When i landed there were a bunch of soft toys on the ground so I didn’t get hurt.  When I got up and looked around I noticed 3 different tunnels.  I decided to try the middle one.  The tunnel was dark so I had to feel around to get through it.  After a few minutes of walking down the tunnel I felt something with my hands.  At  first it startled me, because who knows what could be in a long, dark tunnel.  Luckily, it was nothing to be afraid of, it was Nick!  Nick had a flash light so we could see.  While we were walking around we saw  a sign that said “COIN ROOM.” “Hey I said. “It’s probably in there.”  “Yea!” said Nick.   We went into the coin room.  There were millions of coins.  There were quarters , nickels , dimes , pennies , and dollar coins.  We are never going  to find my lucky penny in here!!! Cried Nick. A A A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I I I I think I’m going to sneeze. I said.  I have some tissues in my pocket.  Said Nick. Nick reached into his pocket and pulled out a penny.  Wow,  we did all this for nothing.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Two Armies

Once upon a time there were two armies.  They fought almost every day.  One day the two armies fought and fought  for 3 days straight. The next day the armies rested.  And the next day, and the next.  The next day the armies came out to the battlefield and fought and fought.  The bad side tricked the good guys by hiding behind large boulders so the good guys couldn't see them.  When the good guys got close, the bad guys came out and surprised them and scared them away.  The good king was really mad so the good guys made a plan, but the bad guys had a spy in the castle and heard everything.  The next day, the bad guys won again because they knew the good guys' plan.  The next day, the good guys had a good plan. They found a huge helicopter, bigger than a house, and put a very big bomb in it and flew the helicopter accross the sky and dropped the bomb and "BOOM!" The helicopter droped the bomb right on the bad guys.  Half of the bad guys died.  And the battle ended.