Sunday, October 9, 2011


One day at lunch… “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” screamed Nick “ I don’t have my lucky penny” yelled Nick.  “Calm down” I said.  “We can look in the lost and found.” We went to the lost and found and there was a chest; it looked like a treasure chest. Nick dug around in the chest. A few seconds later I couldn’t see him so I jumped in.  I fell down a big hole with toys.  There were hats, yo-yo’s, crayons, books and lots of other things.  When i landed there were a bunch of soft toys on the ground so I didn’t get hurt.  When I got up and looked around I noticed 3 different tunnels.  I decided to try the middle one.  The tunnel was dark so I had to feel around to get through it.  After a few minutes of walking down the tunnel I felt something with my hands.  At  first it startled me, because who knows what could be in a long, dark tunnel.  Luckily, it was nothing to be afraid of, it was Nick!  Nick had a flash light so we could see.  While we were walking around we saw  a sign that said “COIN ROOM.” “Hey I said. “It’s probably in there.”  “Yea!” said Nick.   We went into the coin room.  There were millions of coins.  There were quarters , nickels , dimes , pennies , and dollar coins.  We are never going  to find my lucky penny in here!!! Cried Nick. A A A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I I I I think I’m going to sneeze. I said.  I have some tissues in my pocket.  Said Nick. Nick reached into his pocket and pulled out a penny.  Wow,  we did all this for nothing.