Friday, June 5, 2015

WRITTEN BY: Collin Stimpson
     ILLISTRATED BY: Collin Stimpson


One day in a hot dry desert, three little snakes came by. They decided to build their houses there.
     The first little snake decided to build his house out of dirt.  And he did.
     The second little snake decided to build his house out of nice thick twigs.  He gathered some twigs and built a house.
     The third little snake decided to build his house out of big rocks.  So he got some rocks and built a house.
     A little while later, a hawk came by.  He saw the snakes and said, “Mmmm, you’re going to make a yummy dinner.”  So the hawk swooped down and knocked on the first little snake’s door.  He said let me in, let me in.  I need you for dinner.  And the first little snake said, “Not by the scales of my tail, tail, tail.”  So the hawk squawked and squawked and blew the house down.  And the hawk ate the first little snake.  But the hawk was still hungry.  So he knocked on the 2nd little snake’s door and said, “Let me in.  Let me in.”  And the 2nd little snake said, “Not by the scales of my tail, tail, tail.”  So the hawk squawked and squawked and blew the house down.  And the hawk ate the 2nd little snake. 
     After that the hawk was
So the hawk went to the third little snakes house and said, “Let me in.  Let me in.”
“Not by the scales of my tail, tail, tail.”  By then the hawk was getting tired of that so he just jumped through the chimney and landed in a pot of stew.  “Mmmmmmmmmmmm.”  Said the snake.  And that third little snake had a great dinner that night.


            This is my first night right now in Minecraft.  I spawned in a desert and am trying to find my way out of it.  Oh yea, my name is The Fiery Creeper.  My name was originally Steve but I like my name now much better.  Anyway, my main goal on this world is to defeat the Ender Dragon.  If you don’t know who the Ender Dragon is, He’s an evil Dragon who lives in the End.  If you defeat him, you will have beaten the world and can move on to another one.  Even though you can move on to another world, you can also still stay on the world you are currently on.  I can’t seem to find my way out of this desert so I will see you when I find my way out, BYE.
            Hey guys, I’m back.  I found a little forest and collected some wood. After that, I found a little cave and made a small hole in the side of it to first of all to, have a shelter for the night, and second, to collect some stone.  Its night right now and there are monsters out.  I guess I’ll stay in here for the night.
            I only have stone tools right now.  Lucky, when I was digging out my little shelter I found some coal.  I do not have any iron though.  I do have some leather leggings.  THANK YOU COW!  Since I am just standing here I do not need food, but when it becomes daytime and I start running around then I will need food.  All I have for food right now is one raw chicken and one apple.  Do you think I should go outside and fight all the monsters?  Why not? I am outside and it’s kind of creepy.  I hear zombies and skeletons all around me.  Also.....  ahhhhh, I am getting shot by a skeleton.  Ok, I’m going to kill him now.  Nice, he dropped some bows and some arrows.  That will come in handy.  Oh, it’s just a CREEPER!!! POW!  Ow, I only have two and a half hearts.  If I didn’t have those leather leggings I would have died. 
            Hi, I’m back.  It’s early morning and I just barely survived the night. I actually found a little bit of iron.  I am not sure if I want to make an iron sword or pickaxe. 
I’m going to make a wheat farm since I am so low on food.  With full grown wheat you can make bread.  I am going to get some seeds from the grass.  There is some tall grass.  Chop, chop, chop, chop.  Ok, I have three seeds.  I think that will be enough.  Oh, dang! I forgot to make a hoe.  Let me go back to my shelter and make one. 
            I made my wheat farm, I guess I have a stable food supply now.  Most of my wheat is still growing.  I only have one bread but that is ok.  The wheat will still keep growing.
I decided I want to make a house.  Every night that cave seems to tell me to get out before it’s too late.  Besides it’s a little bit dark, damp and dreary in there.  I think I will build my house of wooden planks, raw wood and a bit of cobblestone. 
Ok, let’s start to build.  I think I am going to make my house a nine by thirteen block house.  On the corners I’m going to put raw wood.  On the rest I will put wooden planks except for next to the windows.  There will be cobblestone there.  That is the basic design of my house.  For the room I will put wooden stairs.  The floor will be made of cobblestone. 
            It has taken me a long time to find what I need but guess what I found 14 diamonds.  That means I can make a diamond sword, diamond pickaxe, diamond leggings, and an enchantment table. I also made some potions.  For example, I made instant healing, poison and water breathing.  I’m trying to get everything I need to defeat the ender dragon.
I think I am going to need only a couple more things.  One of them is arrows.  I am going to need at least two stacks of them.  That would be one hundred and twenty-eight arrows.  Also, I would like to enchant my bow and armor.  My friend is going—“Miner joined the game”.  Oh, I guess he is here.  “Hi, Miner.”
“Hi Fiery Creeper, what are you doing?”
“I am preparing to fight the Ender Dragon.  Do you want to help me collect some arrows?”
“Ya, sure.”
“Ok, let’s go.”
Now I need to go searching for more arrows and more diamonds so I will have everything I need to fight the Ender Dragon. 
I’m back now and have everything I need to go kill the Ender Dragon, I even have the eyes of Ender.  Let’s go down to the portal now.  Are you ready to go to the portal? LET’S DO IT!  VVOOOOP!  “Generating End.”
We’re here and...POW...the ender dragon just shot a fireball at me! I think it is ok because we have full diamond armor.  First, let’s take out his healing towers.  Maybe I can shoot him with my bow.  I did it.  Now, let’s start fighting.  I think I am going to wait until he comes down so I can shoot him from close range.  That will give me a better angle.  He’s coming down now! I will shoot him.  I got four good shots.  I think I need twenty shots total.  I’ll see you again when he is about dead. 
GUYS! He’s almost dead!  One more shot! Yes, I killed him, I killed him! It is raining XP.  We defeated the Ender Dragon!  I’m going to collect the Ender Dragons egg and head back to my house. 
I went through this world from beginning to end and feel great about killing the Ender Dragon. 

The End